Dr. Ymele-Leki’s Research Seminar at UVA’s Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Ymele-Leki gave a research seminar on July 18, 2017, at the University of Virginia’s Department of Biomedical Engineering. The talk was titled “Controlling Microbial Growth: Challenges and Applications.” The seminar introduced ongoing efforts in the laboratory to prevent biofilm formation under physiologically and industrially relevant conditions as well as to engineer them to desirable applications – as in the case of bioremediation. The outcomes of such studies have applications in medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological sciences.

The BME Seminar Series at UVA aims to bring together faculty, students, and clinicians across disciplines from the University and Medical Center to learn about new research and technologies in the biomedical sciences and engineering. Dr. Ymele-Leki’s seminar was hosted by Dr. Kevin Janes, who is currently an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at UVA and a Board of Reviewing Editors for Science Signaling.