BEDD Research featured at Howard University Research Week 2016

In Spring 2016, Howard University Research Week celebrated the breadth of research being conducted across the University. On April 14, research from the Biofilm Engineering and Drug Discovery (BEDD) Group was featured in different Biological and Biomedical Sciences program sessions

  • Abiye Mekonnen, MS graduate student in Chemical Engineering, introduced the effects of “Hydrodynamic conditions and Media Concentration Variation on the Efficacy of Anti-Biofilm Agents”;
  • Terinney Haley & Kalah Ozimba, undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering, presented their approaches in “Investigating the Activity of Antimicrobial Chemical Compounds against Vibrio cholerae”;
  • Mahtab Waseem & Emmanuel Ike, undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering, revealed “A Chemical Screen for Chemical Compound Modulators of the Vibrio cholerae Phosphotransferase System and Biofilm Formation” that they performed in collaboration with Kalah and Terinney; and
  • Wardell Samotshozo, MS graduate student in Computer Science co-advised by Dr. Legand Burge, discussed “A Machine Learning Approach to Thermochromic Substance Detection

… as well as in Physical Sciences and Engineering Sessions

  • Temitope Adegboye, MS graduate student in Environmental Engineering in Dr. Kimberly Jones’ laboratory, introduced the “Impacts of Silver Nanoparticles Transformation on Pseudomonas aeruginosa GFP Biofilm Growth“; and
  • Simone Stanley, undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering, presented her “Introduction to Kinetics through an Experiment Based Learning Education App“.