BEDD Research @ 2018 Howard University Research Symposium

Research from the Biofilm Engineering and Drug Discovery (BEDD) group was featured at the 2018 Howard University Research Symposium (April 9-13) in Washington, DC. Our students and post-doctoral fellow proudly presented their research effort in oral and poster sessions:

  • Marlon Brutus * (Senior  undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering): “An Analytical Method to Study the Effect of Fluid Shear Rates and Media Strength on Kinetics of Biofilm Formation” (Poster).
  • Tafadzwa Chigumira ** (Graduate student in Chemical Engineering): “Microbial Reduction of Iodate for Bioremediation at the Hanford Site”.
  • Elbethel Damtae * (Graduate student in Chemical Engineering): “A Microfluidic Approach for the Analysis of Small-Molecule Compounds Modulating Bacterial Biofilm Formation” (Poster)
  • Ayomikun Olarinoye ** (Junior undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering):  “Evaluating the Activity of Community 31 Bacteria from the Hanford Site in the Bioremediation of Iodate” (Poster).
  • Jyothirmai Simhadri ** (Post-doctoral fellow):  “Development of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Biofilms for Iodate Reduction in Groundwater” (Poster).
  • Mahtab Waseem * (Senior undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering): “A Small-Molecule Compound Modulating Bacterial Biofilm Formation by Vibrio cholerae and Staphylococcus aureus”.

(*) Projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award Number: 1505301).

(**) Projects funded by the Department of Energy’s Minority Serving Institutions Partnership (MSIPP) at Savannah River National Laboratory.